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I am very appreciative of those who have written me letters of recommendation and endorsement.  I will always welcome your endorsement!

Here are a few excerpts from endorsement letters received:


Comal County Constable Pct. 4 Chief Deputy Endorsement

My name is Robert Alan Svoboda.  I have over 30 years of law enforcement experience with 14 ½ years of my experience as the Chief Deputy Constable for Shane Rapp in Comal County Precinct 4.  I retired from the Constable’s Office in March of 2018 and continue to live in precinct 4 to this day.

I want the citizens of Comal County to know that I fully endorse Jerry Airola to become the next Constable of precinct 4.  You will not find anyone that knows Shane Rapp’s law enforcement and management abilities better than I do, I was his right hand for over 14 years!  During the time I worked for Shane I observed a man that put the Constable’s Office behind his own personal interest every day.  Shane Rapp attempted to build several companies during the time that he was the elected Constable, even hiring his business partners as his deputies.  Shane spent most of his time away from the Constable’s office, I would not see him for weeks at a time.  The companies that Shane attempted to build benefited from his position as the Constable because they sold products to other police agencies and Shane’s elected position opened the door for him to sell his products.  Like many of you, I was also an investor in Shane Rapp’s software company and, like many of you, I lost my retirement savings when his company went bankrupt due to poor management.  To this day, Shane is still working full time for a software company and is trying to build another company that sells products to police agencies. Shane has collected a full-time salary from the county for nearly 16 years and given a part time service, at best!

Comal County deserves a Constable in Precinct 4 that has a proven ability to lead people and manage a successful operation.  I have come to know Jerry Airola and I am aware of his accomplishments in business and in law enforcement.  Although I am retired from law enforcement, I am still a citizen of Comal County Precinct 4 and I want the best for my family and my community.  Please join me in support of Jerry Airola for Constable!


----Robert Alan Svoboda

Comal County Constable Precinct 4 Chief Deputy (Retired)



"As a retired Army Colonel, who served 33 years, I have served with some of the nation's top leaders in Afghanistan, Iraq and Washington D.C.. Mr. Airola exemplifies the same outstanding qualities and attributes of these leaders."

                  Brent V. Causey, Colonel (Retired), United States Army



My name is Dan Corsentino, I am the former Elected Sheriff in Pueblo County, Colorado and served in that capacity for 17 years. In addition, I am the former Chief of Police in Fountain, Colorado, having served in that capacity for approximately 18 months. I was appointed by former Security Chertoff to the Homeland Security National Advisory Board Senior Advisory Committee for First Responders in the United States, and in addition to that I was the National Executive Director for Airborne Law Enforcement for Silver State Helicopters, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reason I lay this foundation, is so that you will have a better understanding of my professional background in regards to my professional relationship with Mr. Jerry Airola.

I have known Mr. Airola for the last 13 years, both professionally and personally, and I share this testimonial with you because during my career in law enforcement and the criminal justice system, he is only one of a handful of people that represents excellence as a law enforcement professional, community member, and man devoted to his family.

Mr. Airola was an individual who never needed a job in law enforcement, and probably never needed a job in any profession. However, his devotion and passion to becoming a law enforcement professional exceeded most individual’s zest for the profession that he so proudly represents today.

Most recently, Jerry informed me that he was running for the position of Constable in the great state of Texas. This disclosure did not surprise me, because of Mr. Airola’s unwavering commitment to serve other people in the community that he lives in. It is his call to duty that I write you this letter today as not only an endorsement, but a sharing of information that Jerry Airola would be excellent for the position of Constable in Comal County, Precinct 4 in Texas. 

It is important for me to say that with Jerry Airola in a leadership position, there is no mediocrity, there is only a pursuit of excellence, and those around him will be developed into future leaders also, and the community they serve will benefit through an enhanced quality of life that will be provided by Mr. Airola’s leadership and caring of the community. Mr. Airola treats his staff and community members with nothing but dignity and respect.

As a point of reference I would like to point out the Mr. Airola stood by the employees and students of Silver State Helicopters during the time he owned the company, after he has sold the company and even after the company had been shut down by the investment firm that purchased the company. I stayed close to many of the employees and students of Silver State Helicopters after the shutdown. I was aware that Mr. Airola stayed involved in negotiations with lenders and creditors to protect employees and ensure that the student loans would be forgiven for those that did not achieve their flight certificates. Mr. Airola’s first concern was that all employees would be paid, and they were.  Mr. Airola’s second concern was that the students who did not receive their flight certificates would receive loan forgiveness, and they did. It should be noted that Mr. Airola did not have to spend his time or resources to protect these employees and student, he chose to.

This letter is not just a letter of reference, it is a statement of support for an individual who will benchmark professionalism in a profession that at this time in 2019, and in to the immediate future is under a microscope from others around the city, state and country.


Respectfully submitted,

Dan Corsentino,  Former Elected Sheriff in Pueblo County (17 years)



"It is with great Honor, that I have the pleasure of recommending, Jerry Airola for the Elected Position of Constable of Pct.4 of Comal County. As a recent employee of mine I highly recommend him for this Elected position.  In my years as Constable of Gonzales County I have only met a few highly trained professionals of his Caliber.  Jerry is second to none when it comes to his professionalism, and his dedication to his job.  Jerry’s investigative skills, his experience and ability to research cases are amazing.  Jerry knows how to apply the in law in a small community, he is both firm and considerate. He was respected even by the ones he arrested. Jerry was one of my most trusted and valuable employees."

               John Moreno, Gonzales County Constable, Precinct 4 


"It is my honor and pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation for Jerry Airola as Comal County Constable for Precinct 4."

             Terry Muckenfuss, New Braunfels Business Owner


"Jerry has an easy rapport with others and is just a likeable guy.  I’ve seen him show kindness to others in need, and firm assertiveness when warranted.  He has a strong sense of commitment and a drive for success.  I trust him wholeheartedly to make fair and sound decisions for my family and for the community."

            Clay Duncan, Construction Manager in New Braunfels


Dear Neighbors,

As a longtime friend, coaching partner, and resident of Precinct 4 I am writing this letter in order to provide a full endorsement of Jerry Airola’s bid to becoming Precinct 4’s Constable.  In my 22 years of uniformed service and 10 years as an Army civilian, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented and driven professionals the Army has to offer.  Jerry would easily rank among the top 1% of these individuals.  His superb character, presence, and intellect set him apart and make him a force multiplier for whatever organization he is a part of.

Jerry has a record of excellence spanning close to 30 years in law enforcement.  He is an ethical decision maker with a strong foundation based on Christian morals and family values.  Those who truly know Jerry will attest to his commitment to duty, the law, and service to his community. By demonstrating that he is a leader of character, Jerry inspires trust and extends influence beyond his job. This is evidenced by the multitude of volunteer work Jerry has done for our community over the past 11 years.

Jerry has a calming presence and works well under stress.  His presence is reinforced by confidence, stemming from physical fitness and professional competence.  These qualities make it easy to see why Jerry is able to have such a positive influence on those with whom he interacts.  Jerry is a consummate leader with the ability to transform organizations by building cohesive teams through mutual trust.

Jerry’s mental agility, innovation, and interpersonal tact are unparalleled.  He is a critical thinker with the ability to find and implement solutions to complex problems.  Most importantly, Jerry refuses to rest on his laurels, continually seeking improvement. It is without hesitation that I unequivocally recommend him for the Precinct 4 Constable position.  I can think of no one more qualified to serve my family and yours!

             Paul J. Lyons,  U.S. Army, Retired   “Ne Desit Virtus”


"There is no doubt in my mind that Officer Airola is a self motivated individual and will continue to succeed and pursue his passion for law enforcement, with honor and integrity. I strongly support this candidate and believe he will thrive to serve the citizens of Comal County and perform his duty as Constable in an utmost professional manor."

            Justin Solis, Deputy Constable 


"I know that Jerry has spent many years in law enforcement in various capacities in other states and most recently in Texas. I believe that Jerry’s knowledge, experience, and heart for the community make him an ideal candidate for Constable of Comal County Precinct 4."

             Byron (Rick)  Dudney, Business Owner in New Braunfels


It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Jerry Airola for Constable of Comal County Precinct 4. Over the decade that I have known Jerry and his fine family, his pursuit of justice, safety and law enforcement has been his unrelenting passion. It is in Jerry’s DNA to become Constable and serve our community. Jerry is a proven leader, knows how to bring people together and to resolve issues.

It is significant, and in our community’s best interest, that Jerry brings exemplary leadership and a deep understanding of the law enforcement profession. Comal County has grown in many ways, therefore we need Jerry’s wide skill set to safeguard our Precinct. Please vote for Jerry Airola for Constable of Precinct 4 on March 3, 2020.

             Peter Serebrenik, New Braunfels Businessman  


Jerry Airola’s candidacy to serve as the Comal County Constable for Precinct 4 has my highest recommendation and my enthusiastic support.  Having just retired as colonel in the United States Army after 35 years of service, I can unequivocally say, Jerry is a leader.  His work ethic, focus, dedication to his community, his consideration of others, and his infectious positive, can-do attitude are on par with some of the best leaders I’ve ever served with over my long career in the military. 

We are at a time in our history when I believe our Nation is starving for good leaders.  We need leaders who place the good of their community and the Nation above their own personal gain.  We need leaders who will challenge the status quo and look to what’s better for our future, not what benefits them in the short term.  I believe Jerry is that kind of leader.  He will be an incredible asset to our community as the Comal County Constable for Precinct 4.

             Robert L. Mabry,  Colonel, US Army (retired)


"I don’t believe I have ever know a more authentic person than Jerry Airola and I know that the constituents of Comal County, Texas could not find a better person to vote for as their Constable."

             Nancee Gerber Siggelkow, CEO-Vegas Jet, LLC.


"I have worked side by side with him (Jerry Airola) on community construction projects and spent quality time with him and his incredible family. I cannot imagine a person who is more qualified and honorable to lead the Constable’s office."

             Jeremy Cason, New Braunfels TX 


"Jerry’s extensive background in law enforcement has made him an inestimable resource to the many communities he has served. Jerry has also given me advice on numerous occasions on the most effective methods for police work. The training and advice I have received from Jerry helps me succeed in my current position as a federal law enforcement officer.  It is my pleasure to heartily recommend Jerry as the next constable of Comal County Precinct 4!"

             Anthony (Tony) Pradia, Federal Law Enforcement Officer


I am a decorated, former police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, an honorably discharged US Army combat veteran and a former colleague of Mr. Jerry Airola.

I met Mr. Airola when I was a Police Officer with the LVMPD and have worked with him in the Sherriff’s Airborne Law Enforcement Unit.  Over the years we have served together in many notable events.  We have assisted in the search for Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City, Utah when she was abducted from her home; we have assisted the State of Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina as sheriff’s deputies conducting patrol and rescue duties; and while in Turks and Caicos, we assisted in the search and recovery of survivors of a twin engine airplane crash, just to name a few.

Jerry has always been a kind, compassionate, caring person and police officer.  He is unmatched in his ability to investigate crime and understand people and I would recommend Jerry for any position or office.

             Timothy Nelson, EMS Helicopter Pilot


"During my time under Mr. Airola's supervision, Mr. Airola demonstrated consistent professional discharge of duties. He is a reliable, dependable, and sincere individual. Mr. Airola has all the qualities of a good leader. I would not be where I am at today in my career without his guidance."
               M. Sellick, Police Officer


 I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jerry Airola. I first met Jerry in 2006 while I was
employed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a Police Lieutenant. In 2007 I worked
closely with Jerry as the Deputy Director of the Specialized Airborne Law Enforcement program. I
assisted with negotiating coast effective airborne law enforcement aircraft for law enforcement
agencies across the United States.

In 2008, I became the Chief of Police for the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Indian Reservation in
lbapah, Utah. Jerry was employed as police detective for the tribe and had been task to convert
the tribal police department to federal authority through a Special Law Enforcement
Commission. I secured several state and federal grants while working with Jerry and together we were
able obtain the federal status in 2009.

Having known and worked with Jerry for several years and his impeccable integrity combined with his
superior leadership and investigative skills, I promoted Jerry to Police Sergeant. Jerry received his
federal commission as a detective, all other members of the police department served as federal
police officers possessing a Special Law Enforcement Commission from the Department of Interior,
Office of Justice Services, Bureau of Indian Affairs. While I was attending the Southern Police Institute
at the University of Louisville, Jerry served as the Acting Police Chief for 4 months. While serving as
acting Police Chief, Jerry had to handle sensitive personnel matters in my absence and did a remarkable
job!Later that year I was recruited to work for the International Association of Chiefs of Police in
Washington, D.C. Jerry continued to work with the department for several years after my departure.
Jerry is a decorated police officer and has excellent communication skills and a positive outlook. Jerry
has demonstrated his commitment to public safety and law enforcement throughout his life. Jerry
always builds solid, reliable support and partnerships with all first responders. Jerry has a vast network,
excellent work ethic and affable personality. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of law
enforcement, emergency management and homeland security.

When Jerry applied for his federal commission he was required to complete a rigorous background
investigation. There were originally some concerns from the background investigators because Jerry
had founded and managed a large helicopter business in Las Vegas. Jerry sold the company and it
eventually was closed by the new ownership, who liquidated about $100 million in assets. Jerry had also
recently been enthralled in a heated and ugly campaign as a candidate seeking the elected Sheriff's
position in Las Vegas. As a Lieutenant for Las Vegas Metro Police at that time, I had a front row seat and
I can attest that the Internet can be cruel, and it was. The federal background investigation found no
wrongdoing on Jerry's part and I am personally aware that Jerry negotiated with several of the loan
companies to insure flight school students would not be forced to pay for any training they did not
receive. I also know that Jerry personally helped some of the former employees when they were facing
financial difficulties immediately after the company closed.
Jerry's credentials well support his campaign for office. He is a true professional, and holds public
service in high regard.

Through delivery of this letter, I wish to convey my support of Jerry and all he undertakes into the
future. Please consider this a personal and professional recommendation for his aptitude, character
and qualifications.

      Ron Williams










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